Mummy Chiefs In Papua-The Historical Tourist Object

Mummy chiefs in Papua are one of the attractiveness of Papua. Papua is the exotic land that has many traditions that are unique and different to other places. Papua lives in many tribes that its belief is animist. People in Papua believe that the soul of death people, especially the chief of tribes will not go everywhere. His soul will always in his former place and keep his people. That is why people in Papua keep the body of their tribe’s chiefs. Spirit of mummy chiefs in Papua is believed can protect people living in that place.

Mummy Chiefs In Papua

There are some villages in Papua that still keep this tradition.  Mummy chiefs in Papua is mummy in the Valley Balaam. The age of this Mummy that is located in Wadena is about hundreds years old. There is also mummy Aloha Arabia Hub Village that is estimated be more than three hundreds and fifty years old. Those mummies are placed in a typical bundle of wire. They are placed near the fireplace to keep them warm.  Mummy Chiefs in Papua becomes the attractiveness of Papua culture that many travelers are interested to see the, Until now, there are three mummies chief that can be witnessed by public.

Mummy Chiefs in Papua

Mummy Chiefs in Papua 1

Mummy Chiefs in Papua

Mummy Chiefs in Papua 2

Mummy Chiefs In Papua As Historical Tourist Object

To support Mummy Chiefs in Papua as one of Papua heritage, Department of Culture and Tourism of Jaya Wijaya welcomes the mummy to be recorded as a historical object that can attract tourist interest to come to Papua. Mummy Chiefs in Papua will be the wonderful heritage that can make Papua is more famous in the worldwide.

Actually, Mummy Chiefs in Papua is only the example of the attractiveness of Papua that can be enjoyed by travelers. There are many other places in Papua that can be the best tourist object and give the travelers pleasure. But, mummy chiefs in Papua are still the best tourist object existing in Papua until now. Are interested to see Mummy Chiefs in Papua by your own eyes? Spend you holiday in Papua to see Mummy Chiefs in Papua.