Angkringan Yogyakarta, An Inexpensive Culinary Option

Angkringan Yogyakarta is one alternative if you are on vacation to this gudeg city, yet bored with the menu of gudeg. For those who do not know yet, angkringan is a simple concept but quite interesting to provide a meal with several choices in very affordable prices. Angkringan Yogyakarta can be also as a choice for those who are bored of eating in restaurants of cafes.

Angkringan Yogyakarta

Angkringan Yogyakarta

The Origin of Angkringan Yogyakarta

Angkringan Yogyakarta if is seen from the language, the word angkringan itself comes from Javanesse Language “Angkring” which means to have a relaxed sit, and then interpreted as a simple concept of a push cart that sells a variety of foods, drinks and snacks which usually operates from the afternoon until the late night with its trademark using the lighting of lampu senthir. This angkringan Yogyakarta can found in many places along the streets in Yogyakarta, such as on the north street of Yogyakarta Tugu Station where is very crowded by the visitors. Yogyakarta could be said as the ancestor of angkringan. However, nowadays, angkringan has reached another cities both in Central Java and East Java.

Though the concept is simple and inexpensive, the consumers are often “ngangkring” at Angkringan Yogyakarta are coming from diverse backgrounds, from the lower classes such as rickwhaw drivers, street musicians, students, up to the rich ones. It’s quite often that there are some young executives who spend their night at the angkringan to release some stress and to eat some foods after working the whole day. The activities are usually done at this angkringan are varied, such as eating, or just want to get together with friends to have chit-chats and jokes. The foods and beverages provided can also be wrapped to take it home and be eaten at home. There is absolutely no difference of social strata, race, or religion when it is at this angkringan Yogyakarta.

Typical Menu Options of Angkringan Yogyakarta

What kinds of foods can be found at angkringan Yogyakarta? Here of some kinds of foods and beverages can be chosed. The main angkringan menu is nasi kucing. This nasi kucing  is white rice wrapped in banana leaves in very small portion, the portion is like a cat’s eating portion. That is why this rice has been named as nasi kucing (in Javanesse Language, it is also called sego kucing). As a complement of nasi kucing, there are side-dishes such as dried tempe, fried teri, sambal goreng, tripes, milkfish, colon, head or chicken paws, and also quail eggs satay. We just choose what side-dishes we want to. While for the drink, we can chooce either tea, orange juice, coffee, tape, hot ginger, or milk. Any foods and beverages sold at angkringan Yogyakarta have inexpensive prices and very affordable for anyone.