Angkringan Lik Man

Angkringan Lik Man is a street vendor that sells traditional food, located in Jl Wongsodirjan, Yogyakarta. Angkringan could easily found in most street in the heart of the city at night. Angkringan sells food with affordable price and various traditional menus.

Angkringan Lik Man is among one of the most angkringan vendor in Yogyakarta. His father, Mbah Pairo, is among the first generation of angkringan vendor in Yogya in 1950s. Now Lik Man managed his own angkringan that usually opens at 6 PM.

Angkringan Lik Man

Angkringan Lik Man

Angkringan Lik Man Has Long Been Known As A Favorite

Angkringan Lik Man has long been known as a favorite place for people to gather. A lot of prominent figures in the country enjoy the place. Its affordable price and warm atmosphere invites everyone to join, from university student, cyber community, journalists, artists, even public transportation drivers. Angkringan Lik Man is not far from Tugu train station and Malioboro street.

Angkringan Lik Man is famous for its famous beverage, kopi jos. Kopi jos is a coffee with a burning charcoal inside. The coffee has been scientifically proven as having a lower caffeine ingredient. Angkringan Lik Man also famous for its sego kucing, a small portion of rice that’s being sold at Rp 1000 per portion.

Ngkringan Lik Man Provides Another Menu

Angkringan Lik Man provides another menu such as sambal teri – small fish mixed with spicy sauce from chilly, gorengan – traditional snack fried in vegetable oil, and so on. Angkringan Lik Man also uses anglo, a portable traditional fireplace, to heat their food. Most food are served warmly, but if yours are slightly cold, you can ask the waiter to re-heat it.

Angkringan Lik Man uses the street pavement as their seating area. The owner spread a woven mat along the pavement for as long as 100m. Being tolerance with stranger who sits next to you is very important when eating at angkringan. Also, be polite by not talking or laughing too loud as it may be disturbing for everyone else. Angkringan Lik Man is the perfect to taste the real friendly environment in Yogya.